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Review from Aftonbladet October 1, A body — sloppy white underpants halfway down a white ass, arms, legs, hairy abdomen and an unbearable itch that makes this adult male body twist around itself in a desperate attempt to crawl out of its own skin. Anxiety in its most naked form, the fleshy, corporeal sort of despair. And just then — when Job has lost everything, his children, his fortune, his mind, when it hurts the most — three rambunctious and jostling friends enter with gifts and joyous acclamations and those collisions, brutal clashes between farce and horror, tells of a society where everything is entertainment. It gets worse and worse and worse and just as a small glimmer of light can be perceived in the form of a reconciliation between Job and God the men of secular power arrive and impale Job on a stake through the anus so that he ever so slowly dies. It is musical and precise which plays well against the brutal and grotesque. All the blood can be washed away so easily — a blank space where a whole series of brilliant acting can excel in rapid changes between farce and tragedy. The darkness wins, babble and antics give way to body and pain and quite uncompromisingly — which feels liberating in an increasingly comfort-oriented theatrical climate. The director is Philip Zandén. All his plays are published in book form, there is a theatre institute that bears his name, there is extensive academic research on his works.


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